Uses & Tips

Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons are most commonly used for grade mark readers or visual applications on lumber. Many other industries have found our markers an important tool because our crayons are smear-resistant, water-resistant and come in a variety of colors and grades. Perfect for any environment, weather or surface conditions. Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons will mark on most any dry or wet surface including steel, glass, concrete, plastics, and of course wood just to name a few.

Other Uses include:
    • Steel
    • Asphalt or concrete Road marking
    • Keel/survey markers
    • Commercial and residential construction and contractors
    • Railroad
    • Artists
    • Paper mills
    • Wood Pallet makers
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Fabricators
    • Saw blade Sharpening
    • Black light Illumination marks
    • Spy placement of marks only seen w/ black light (white color crayon)
    • Glass Auto and Window Marking
    • Mason and Stone work

Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons Useful User Pointers and TIPS:

Color Recognition GMRs
( ie: Lucidyne GMR)

Recommendations are to "Refresh" or "Retrain" your GMR on a regular basis (every 90 days) to maintain accuracy and reduce error readings. "Refresh or "Retrain" after light bulb change, crayon mfg change or lumber crayon pigment change, when you notice reading/recognition problems "refresh" or "retrain" first.

Some GMR have a filter in place a GMR with a blue filter will not read blue crayons.

Chop Saws

If the unit has rollers we recommend you use the Extra Hard Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons so the crayon marks will not build up on the rollers and leave unintended marks on boards. 

To clean the build up use a little solvent to clean rollers.

Free Samples

When requesting samples please include:
    • The type and name of the GMR machine you are running or if you are using them as a visual application and not running a GMR.
    • The temperature and environmental conditions ie: outside/ inside and average temperature.
    • Surface type ie: smooth, rough, wet/dry, frozen, hot(ie: asphalt), raw logs or finished lumber.
    • Your purpose or application for the Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons.

Covering, Concealing or Removing Marks

You can conceal or cover up a fluorescent mark with the Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon in the non fluorescing carbon black so your GMR will not see the fluorescent mark.

You can choose the WHITE Fluorescent Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon on a product that you do not want to visually see the mark but the GMR will pick it up and recognize it. (The white color and the light blue are the strongest fluorescing Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon consisting of pure fluorescent agent.)

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons are a wax based permanent product. However on some surfaces the mark may be removed or reduced by warming the mark and scraping it off or the use of a little solvent and rubbing it off.

Factory Seconds

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons occasionally has what we call "Factory Seconds". These are Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons that have been returned by a customer wanting a different color or hardness, some are from an outdated pigment.

The Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon "Factory Seconds" are a great money saver! They are not guaranteed for the GMR but for those using them for visual application they are a steal!

Contact us for pricing and information: Click Here.

Caring For Your Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons

Your stock of Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons must be stored at a moderate room temperature between 60-70 degrees to maintain optimum performance of the marker. If stored in very cold temperature the sticks may become brittle. Put a couple in your shirt pocket to keep them warm until use.

If stored in Hot temperature they may get soft and stick together.
If extremely hot temperatures you may put them in an air conditioned room, a cooler or refrigerator.

During the extreme hot weather order hard or extra hard Amark Flourescent Lumber crayons*
During the extreme cold weather order soft or extra soft Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons*

*refer to the temperature chart if necessary or which ever hardness performs best for you.