Technical Info

Our Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons offer superior strength and durability due to the manufacturing process. They are high pressure machine extruded, NOT pour molded. This increases the lumber crayons hardness, even in our soft crayons! It also increases GMR performance and decreases the error rate. To maximize this, the lumber crayons are extruded in a unique hexagonal shape, which increases the stamina and quality of Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons.

All 24 colors and 5 hardness's of Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons are manufactured in 1/2" (5/8) and long lasting 3/4" (11/16) sizes, allowing you to find the Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayon best suited for your application.

    • Available in 24 different colors - more than any other fluorescent lumber crayon
    • Fluorescent readings, the brightest, highest intensity, no stratifying
    • Available in two sizes, 1/2" and long lasting 3/4" to suit individual needs
    • Designed to facilitate a broad range of temperature, weather and surface conditions
    • Insures strength and endurance beyond any other fluorescent lumber crayon
    • Break test superior
    • Field tested consistently
    • Highly separated colors
    • The worlds best extruded fluorescent lumber crayon
    • Free samples
    • 24 Hour shipping (on regular stocked items)

24 Colors

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons covers the whole color spectrum with a wide range of choices. More color choices means greater system flexibility and adaptability. Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons offer three developed groups of fluorescent colors with the greatest differentiation to run up to 8 graders 3 shifts with no duplication in recognition!

Hex Shape

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons hex shape fluorescent lumber markers provide greater shear strength and less breakage. A better marking surface, no slipping or twisting in holders and less waste gives our marker the performance advantage.

Breakthrough Formula

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons are uniquely formulated to provide better performance. Only the highest quality of fluorescent pigment commercially available and polymer wax is used in the Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons ensures the reduction of skipping, missing, or breaking. The Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayon formula makes it possible to deposit a greater quantity of fluorescent pigment on the board or any any surfaces.

5 Different Grades

Not all marking conditions are equal, that is why Amark produces fluorescent lumber crayons in five different hardness categories. Varying hardness allows you to custom fit markers to your specific climate and surface needs.

Extruded Shape

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons are high pressure machine extruded, not poured in a mold. The result is improved grade mark reader performance, decreased error rate, cost effectiveness and a quality product, give Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon users the competitive edge.


Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons are 100% non toxic.
Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayons are 100% recyclable.

Here at Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayons we are extremely conscience of all of our customers health and safety as well as being earth friendly. 
Amark FLourescent Lumber Crayons are 100% recyclable 
So, Save your Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon stubs and pieces color separated, mail them back to us and we will heat and High pressure re extrude them for you at an amazing price of $.45 a stick! *
Savings of $.44 a stick and $45.00 per box!

Lumber Crayons

The number one fluorescent Lumber Crayon for your GMR UV System

All color separations are available in AMARK's distinctive standard line of 24 colors plus carbon black (non fluorescing).

Amark CM and HD Line of Fluorescent Lumber crayons

 Amarks Fluorescent Lumber Crayon line of CM crayons are specifically developed for the USNR-Newnes GMR and also perform superior on the Cypress GMR.

Amark Fluorescent Lumber Crayon HD line of Lumber crayons are formulated with extra fluorescence for those GMR that require an even stronger level of fluorescence.

Amark maintains excellent communication with all GMR UV scanning systems in all parts of the world ensuring that no matter where your operations are located, you will be able to get the best performance from your equipment and Amark delivers with the most cost effective marker.

Five different grades available for All Temparature Climates

Extra Soft: Below 32° F
Soft: 35° F – 60° F
Normal: 60° F – 90° F
Hard: 90° F – 100° F
Extra Hard: 100° F+

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our Lumber crayon call for a 30 day unconditional guarantee with returns for replacement, exchange or credit.

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

Amark Flourescent Lumber Crayon is a family owned and operated US business originated in 1983.

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